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Thank you to everyone who came to see my talk at the Photography Show.  I really enjoyed getting it all off my chest.  Would of loved to have spent longer on the Q&A but maybe next time.  If there was something you were itching to ask, feel free to email me here?  Congratulations to Future Publishing for the success of the Photography Show, at last a modern Photography event in the UK.  It was long overdue.

jmc photoshow2

photo showjmc photoshow



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The Photography Show – Get tickets now!

I was asked by the great people at Manfrotto if I would do a little talk on Music Photography at the NEC this year.  I didn’t realise I would be sharing a stage with such photographic dignitary as Terry O’Neil and Joe McNally!  It should be a blast lifting the lid on what it is really like to be a Music Photographer! The talk is on Saturday 1st March at ‘the Photography Show’.  I am on at 4pm after Rankin. See you there!


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New Limited Edition print available here now!

Here is the 2013 ‘Tears on Tape’ band shot photographed at Hotel Kamp in Finland.

All the Ville and Him pix are available now at the link below. VALO and HIM in HELSINKI 27-30 FEB 13


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‘On Board Flight 666′ A book is for life not just Christmas!


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ville provocateur ad 2 shadow


24” x 20”  Very Limited Edition Print Run of Only 25.

Photographed way back in 1998 in SoHo, London at Vivian Westwood’s legendary ‘Agent Provocateur’ sex shop.  This is the first time this image has been made available.

I was asked back in 2000 to produce a print from this session but the original transparency was locked away in the files at the publishers.  I finally got the original film back last month and we did a couple of test prints that looked totally crazy! It made sense to do a print of this to complete the series.  This was the first time I shot Ville and the first time I met him.  There is only a handful of characters in this business that truly have real charisma and I remember thinking this guy has something.  15 years later I still think the same.

Only 25 available World-Wide, so get in fast.  I can guarantee delivery before Christmas until 14th Dec 2013.

Hope you like it!


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